Carrie's Cough – Rickard Sisters
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Carrie’s Cough

Carrie’s Cough is an unheard, true account of a woman’s life in the 1880s, told in her own words. 


Not only the plot, but every word of this book is taken from the letters between Caroline Robinson and her siblings. Like other women of her generation, Caroline has no say in her own future. Stoic but fragile, she becomes a reluctant pioneer when her family decide she should try a hot climate for the sake of her health. Her letters are written with such affection and intimate humour that she is easy to love, as are her wildly optimistic brother Charles and her warm-hearted and steady sister Florence. 


This poignant story charts the devastating consequences of Charles’ characteristically ambitious plan. As Caroline’s sense of love and duty guide her pen to accentuate the positive in all things, Scarlett has illustrated the letters with another version – showing privations and distresses that Caroline is too kind to mention.


Carrie’s Cough is not currently available to buy in print. If you are a publisher that would like to change that, please get in touch.